Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ready for 2009!

We've closed the book on the 2008 race (and blog). Masta-Killaz 2009 Race blog for 100 on 100 Relay can be found over here.  And, as always, don't forget to check out! See you on the course!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

On the road to recovery

Today was a rough one, although lots of positive reflection on the race. I had a blast and can't wait to give it another try. It was great mixing it up with all the SLU teams but I reserve some special love for my own Masta Killaz teammates. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure with you f*&@faces, and would gladly run up mountains and through streams again with you dudes.

Get out now!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


SLU Don't Worry About It [full sheet]
3rd overall; 1st Open
10:38:00; 6:29 pace

SLUTS [full sheet]
6th Overall; 3rd Mens
11:02:40; 6:44 pace

Lady Saints Alumni
8th Overall; 1st Womens
11:31:09; 7:02 pace*
*New record pace for women's division by :48 seconds per mile

Masta-Killaz [full sheet]
9th Overall; 2nd Masters Open
11:37:00; 7:05 pace

Vermont Alpaca Company
21st Overall; 11th Open
12:50:08; 7:50 pace

Down hills?

Becky just finished her 3rd leg. It ended with a thousand foot vertical drop during the last 2 miles. She's probably gonna need a quad transplant, but she's a doctor.

Derek is out scampering thru his last leg, a 10k. Then Dwight, then me. Then we're d-u-n!

ok, that didn't work

So we've been out of cell service for 5+ hours.

Just handed off from Sammy to Amy (12-13). We are about 35 min behind our target, but rolling now and catching slugz (lo hanging fruit) at a rate of about 2 teams per leg, but Amy has a long uphill and will be shakin the tree like she's an earthquake...

can you hear me now?

Cell service has been non-existant but that should be expected in VT. We've finally caught few teams and more are within reach. We have one cycle left, everyone has run twice and it's all about survival from here on in. Having a blast though, this is a cool event.

Ugh, what!?

Ouchtown, Population Me.
It's not THAT bad. I just finished my first leg, which finishes our first cycle. I was the lucky recipient of the dark looming thunder cloud - and what little rain it sprinkled on me. 5.8 mi, mostly uphill. First mi (thru Waitsfield and across the covered bridge, then straight up) was 6:50, but next mile (continuing up) was 7:40 - play the average. Got the rest of them down to the 7:00-7:15 range...

We finished the cycle only 10 minutes slower than our projected, but are about 2 miles behind the SLUTS, but it doesn't matter when you can't see another runner...

Amy is off teaching these hills who is boss.

"Run like you stold it!"

(Derek posted the prior post, this is really sammy)